Adding mass chatter group members using Data Loader

To add mass members in a particular group via data loader we need prepare a .csv file with the below details,

Group Id (CollaborationGroupId- The Group id where you want to add the users)

User Id (MemberId – The Users Id whom you want to add in the group)

The prepared excel sheet will be like this,

After you’ve prepared your file

1. Open Data Loader

2. Click Import

3. Select CollaborationGroupMember in Object

4. Click Next

5. Click Upload CSV

6. Choose your prepared .CSV file

7. Field Mapping will be happen automatically

8. Manually map any remaining fields that may not have been mapped automatically

9. Click Next

10. Click Save & Run

11. Click Run on Confirmation Window

Results you can see the success count as well as error if any

Now all the users who are all added in the .csv file added in the chatter group.