Currency Setup

In Salesforce, you can specify which currencies your organization uses, and individual users can apply specific currencies to their settings based on where they do business.

By default, Salesforce organizations use a single currency. Once you set the required currency locale in your company settings, all currency values on records display in that currency.

To enable and apply multiple currencies:

1. From Setup search for Company Information in the Quick Find, then select Company Information.
2. Click Edit.
3. Check Activate Multiple Currencies.

Once multiple currencies is enabled you also:

  • Activate additional currencies and optionally select a new corporate currency.
  • Ensure users have correct personal currencies.
  • Make sure users use the correct currency when creating records.

Activate Currencies

Once you activate multi-currency for your org, you can specify which currencies are supported by activating or deactivating them. No covert intelligence skills required, just a few clicks:

1. From Setup, enter Company Information and click Company Information.
2. Click the Currency Setup button. The Active and Inactive Currencies will be listed out.

In Active Currencies, click New.

1. Select a Currency Type. Currencies are alphabetized using their ISO currency codes.
2. Enter the conversion rate relative to your corporate currency.
3. Specify the number of decimal places to display for amounts in this currency.
4. Click Save.

Note: You can’t deactivate the corporate currency.