Follow the below steps to give access to your portal and community users to report on tasks and events.

Step 1 : From Salesforce Setup, access the Object Manager.

Step 2 : Access Tasks or Events, depending on which objects you need to give access to.

Step 3
: Click Fields & Relationships

Step 4 : Click Public Field

Step 5 : Click Set Field-Level Security Button

Step 6 : Check all the profiles you’d like to have access to this field and click Save.


  • These steps allow you to make the Public field visible to external users. However, in order for tasks and events to show up in reports, the Public field must be checked when the task or event is created.
  • You can set up a flow to automatically check all new and edited tasks and events and being public.
  • To include previously created tasks and events in reports, you must manually select the Public field.
  • You can’t create or edit reports in Lightning communities.