Disabling Switch to Classic

In general you can switch lightning Experience to Classic by clicking the option Switch to Salesforce Classic

In Salesforce we can setup the user to use only Lightning Experience. To implement the same follow the below step,

Step 1 : Go to Setup

Step 2 : Enter Profile in Quick find box

Step 3 : Select the Profile which the user assigned to (Here we chose Standard Platform User copy )

Step 4 : Search and ensure Lightning Experience User is check box is ticked to this profile

Step 5 : Search for Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce Classic and tick the checkbox

Step 6 : Click Save

Step 7 : Login to the particular user whose assigned with this profile

Step 8
: You can see there is no option to Switch to Classic

Note : If the standard profile doesn’t allow you to activate the option Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce Classic then you need to clone the profile and assign the user. So that you can activate the option.