Chatter Access

When Salesforce turns on Chatter profile-based rollout for your organization, it adds the Enable Chatter permission to your existing user profiles and permissions sets. Enable Chatter is automatically enabled for all standard profiles. It’s also automatically enabled for custom profiles when any of these user-level permissions are enabled manually or as part of a license:

  • “Create and Own New Chatter Groups” (ChatterOwnGroups)
  • “Create and Share Content Deliveries for Chatter Files” (ChatterFileLink)
  • “Invite Customers To Chatter” (ChatterInviteExternalUsers)
  • “Manage Chatter Messages and Direct Messages” (ManageChatterMessages)
  • “Moderate Chatter” (ModerateChatter)
  • “Moderate Chatter Feeds” (ModerateNetworkFeeds)
  • “Use Case Feed” (ViewCaseInteraction)
  • “View All Data” (ViewAllData)

Modify your existing custom profiles with the desired permissions to control access to Chatter, and create custom profiles, if necessary.

Step 1 : Log in as a Salesforce administrator.

Step 2 : From Setup, enter Profiles in the Quick Find box, then select Profiles.

Step 3 : For each of your existing custom user profiles:

a) Click Edit.

b) In the Administrative Permissions section, select or deselect Chatter Internal User, depending on whether you want users with this profile to have Chatter access or not.

c) Save your changes.

NOTE: The Enable Chatter permission is available only if Chatter profile-based rollout is enabled for your organization.

Step 4 : If applicable, create custom user profiles with the desired permissions and assign them to users.