Cross Filter Salesforce Report

Use cross filters to include or exclude records in your report results based on related objects and their fields.Cross filters are available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Cross filters that you create in Lightning Experience work in Salesforce Classic, and vice versa.

Lets Create the report like “Account without Opportunity” using standard report type.

1. Click Report Tab and Click New Report.

2. Choose Report Type and Click Continue. (Here we Choose Account)

3. From the FILTERS tab, click More Actions | Add Cross Filter.

4. Then Choose whether to show your primary object with or without a secondary
object(Here we choose without and Opportunity). Then, choose the secondary object.

5. Click Apply.
6. Optionally, to add a filter to the secondary object, click Add Secondary Object Filter,

where Secondary Object is the name of the secondary object.

1. Choose a field from the secondary object.
2. Specify an operator and values for the secondary object filter.
3. Click Apply.

7. Click Save and Run.
8. Report will be shown like below

NOTE : In Lightning Experience, although cross filters still filter the report, they do not appear in the Filters panel on the report run page. If you have permission to edit a report, you can view cross filters in the report builder.